The Four Nations

78 years have passed since Avatar Korra saved Republic City. With a new villain arising what will happen?
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 Crank's Character Vomit

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Name: Rui Tsung

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Family: Loving, playful father who doubles as something of a wicked, greedy boss. A strict but caring mother who ultimately wants what is best for Rui. The family gets along relatively well, ignoring the occasional arguments that Rui and her mother get into about her future. They're of a higher, middle-class status and living comfortably together in a large home. They eat together, talk together, and help each other out when need be. Otherwise, Rui is off looking for adventure in town, her father is down controlling his company by the docks, and her mother is doing errands or something else to keep herself amused. Everything was fine until Rui disappeared. Now her father is relatively protective of his assets, and her mother is unnecessarily fearful for her family and future.

Occupation: Occasionally worked at the fish docks for her dad when she needed the spare cash or something to do.

Element: Water

History: Rui’s history isn’t particularly glamorous in interesting. The girl belongs to an upper-middle class family consisting of a mother, father, and her, the only child. Nianzu Tsung, her dad, owns his own business which practically dominates the local seafood market. Being a waterbender and all, catching fish was pretty darn easy for Nianzuback in his younger days. When his father passed, the business was passed to he, and he went from modest fisher to greedy business man, who has since hired crews of men to do the fishing for him. Among his workers, Nianzu was known to be strict, something similar to a dictator. He did not allow anything but work to happen in his workplace.

Of course, his greed and wrath never left the business. As soon as the man made it home to his wife and child, he was a sweet angel. He was the cool dad—he never raised his voice, never forced Rui into doing anything she didn’t want to. And he was pretty much whipped by his wife, although he didn’t particularly mind.

His wife, Jing, was also a kind woman, though not quite as easy going as Nianzu. Jing was a traditional woman who believed that Rui should grow up to be the stereotypical, domesticated housewife. She should have several children, and stay home to take care of them all while her husband worked for their house’s income. The idea of this life was rather distasteful for Rui, so oftentimes, they would clash in their opinions.

The arguments were forced to a screeching halt when the uprisings began. A certain power hungry old wench by the name of “Raja” began some sort of sinister plot to take over the world. Rui hadn’t the slightest clue why the old hag wanted power so badly, or just how she planned to attain it, but everyone could start to feel the tension brewing, and Rui could practically smell the adventure. In memory of multi-millionaire Hiroshi Sato’s aid in the last great war that pit benders against non-benders, Nianzu’s workers became wary. They pointed fingers at the man, calling him overly ambitious and greedy. Somehow, rumor spread that he might be pumping the funds for Raja’s army just as the Mr. Sato once did during the industrial era. Fueled with discontent and rage already, it didn’t take much for the rumor to push through, and the Tsung home faced several assaults soon after.

Jing’s immediate fear was the deciding factor that had Rui shipped out of the house. She was to live in a refuge with some other children whose families were being targeted as apparent “enemies of the state” as well, but Rui never made it there. Using some charm, and more than a few lies, she managed to escape on route to the shelter, and fled deep into the city. The news of her disappearance had her mother in panic mode, and her father in a state of fury, but Rui was joyful and free. She immediately began her hunt for the avatar—not to hurt the hero, but to join him on his adventures. She figured, wherever he was, that’s where the action was, and more than anything, Rui wanted to be part of that action.

Physical Appearance: -under construction-

Personality: Stubborn with a touch of sass. The gal's got generally good intentions, though she doesn't always plan before she moves, and often finds herself in troubling predicaments--only to dig her hole deeper by refusing to back down. A bit too much independence, but she's got fiery determination to make her situation work, whatever it may be. Somewhat ignorant to the things she says, she's an all around optimistic, bubbly character with a taste for adventure. Rui tends to be an...acquired taste, able to make rivals and enemies with ease. Of course she can make friends too, but getting close to her is not an easy task--most people are dispensable until proven otherwise. On another note, Rui is very competitive and likes to be on top. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty if it means she'll get what she wants. It makes her a questionable business partner. She'll get you what you desire, for a price. But if a better deal comes around, the girl is gone.

Positive Traits: Overall optimism, determination, charisma, openness, and ~general~ kindness.

Negative Traits: Manipulating, short-term reliability, stubborn, ignorant, not easy to truly befriend.

Pets: under construction

Pet Peeves: Rui particularly hates when people talk slowly, and when they forget what they're saying mid-sentence. She's actually guilty of the second one, but that doesn't matter. It still annoys her even when she does it. Another thing that gets under her skin is when people over-pity themselves. If she gives them a compliment, and they refuse to take it, then she simply takes it back and agrees with whatever negative comments are combating her own compliments to a person.

Other: Her father taught her bending as a small child while he was still working as a fisher. Manipulating water and waves comes easy to her. She has yet to learn how to turn the water to ice, though.
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Crank's Character Vomit
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