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78 years have passed since Avatar Korra saved Republic City. With a new villain arising what will happen?
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 Pabu's Characters

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Akia Dai
Eighteen. Her birthday is on December 23rd.
She was born into a family where her parents had no love for each other anymore, and she's the youngest of her two siblings. Her mom, Terra Dai, was the only Earthbender other then Akia in her family. Her two older siblings were jealous that Akia was able to earthbend, therefore they didn't have quite a good relationship with her. Zuko, who was the oldest of them all, often just ignored Akia, therefore making Akia who she was today, self-reliant. Akia also doesn't believe in relationships because of what happened to her parents, and is often very wary of the opposite sex, additionally.
Zuko has dark hair, and looks like the older male version of Akia, although they do not keep close contact. Once in a while, they bump into each other, but it's a awkward, but polite, greeting, and an occasional greeting. Both of them now never mention their history as siblings, although Zuko is 6 years old her senior.
Dideria, who's just about two years older than Akia, was very outgoing, and just once in a while insulted Akia, since she was jealous of the fact that Akia was able to earthbend, and she wasn't. In the beginning, when it was still unknown if Akia was able to earthbend or no, Akia had a great relationship with her siblings, they were often seen playing, and laughing.
Secretly, Akia was jealous of the non-benders, that they didn't have to practice bending like she did.
Akia's mother, Terra, was more of a trainer than a mother to her, for Terra wanted her to perfect sand-bending, although Akia has still problems with it today.
Akia didn't speak to her father often, so she has barely any clue about his, except that he usually was very angry, from her memory.
Akia was a huge tomboy when she was younger. She wasn't very hygienic and lived pretty much happy, other then her neglectful family. She didn't mind as much, as she was always rolling in the dirt, and as soon as puberty hit, she had terrible acne. As she grew up, she started to feel self-conscious of this, and started to wash herself, all the time, trying to scrub off the filth, and making sure she was very clean, after rolling in the dirt. Her family was middle-class and once in a while gave her what she truly wanted, such as custom-made shoes and such. She then, one day, decided to try her best to become sophisticated and very mature, so adults would respect her, and then started working hard to make herself close to perfect, and soon she became workaholic, shapeshifting from a carefree, wild child, into a dull workaholic bender.
Physical Appearance:
Akia has thick brown hair, that's shoulder-length. She looks very fragile, but honestly she isn't. She's quite strong-minded, but often believes that the law is nearly everything, therefore, her being a police officer. She has pale mocha-colored skin, that is without a pimple. It's simply flawless, but when she was going through puberty, she had a lot of them, due to the fact that she didn't clean the dirt off of her face, nor was very hygienic till she was sixteen. She has azure blue eyes and a tiny button nose. She has a very small frame, and is very short. She could even be considered thirteen, if she tried hard enough to look like it. She has perfectly shaped eyebrows, but it requires lots of time for her to pick out the stray eyebrow hair that grows out of place. It also hurts a lot, as she always tries to maintain her sophisticated look, but once in a month or so, she'd be dressed up in loose clothes, just to practice her earth-bending. She has small ears, and plump pink lips, that are always chapped. Akia usually has dark circles under her eyes though, due to the fact that she doesn't have her full eight hours of sleep, that is usually recommended for adults. She has white teeth, due to her extreme length of time of brushing, although there is one a little bit out of order, on her bottom set of teeth, that always seems to bug her, so she always smiles without showing her teeth. But once in a while she forgets, and smiles widely. She is toned, and weights about 115 pounds, and has a height of 5'3.
Akia often relies on herself, and has a tendency to not trust others. She doesn't want anyone to figure out who she is, at all, so she closes off the rest of the people who try to become too close to her, and usually ignores them whenever they try and keep contact. She's a realist, well, more like a pessimist, since she doesn't believe in things that are hard to achieve. She is often seen working, and is very business-like and tries to be as sophisticated as she can. Being a earth-bender, at times she can be very stubborn, well too stubborn fer her own good. She's as hard a rock, and won't budge from some of her beliefs, and she pretends not to care about what people say about her, but she's very sensitive, and it hurts when people insult her behind her back. She works hard, to forget what people insult about her. Once in a while, she puts on some slacks and practices her earth-bending, behind totally not herself. She also, usually takes a lot of her time, to make her body/face look close to perfect, by putting on creams that she think help work, and plucking her eyebrows, and doing all the things that society thinks of as good-looking, and have the look that the person will deliver.
Positive Traits:
-thoughtful towards others (able to understand their motives, and why they did it)/open-minded
- self-reliant
-Good at rock-climbing
Negative Traits:
-Easily irritated at times due to her lack of sleep
-low self-esteem about her looks
-stubborn at times/persistent
-currently having a hard time with sand bending
Fire ferret named Bei. Akia found him eating scraps from a garbage bin.
Pet Peeves:
-People chewing with their mouth open
-Screaming children/temper tantrums
-People not giving credit
-Compulsive liars
Her FC is Emilia Clarke. Also, she is a police officer for Republic City. Additionally, she's still having a hard time with metalbending.

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Akia is
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Pabu's Characters
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