The Four Nations

78 years have passed since Avatar Korra saved Republic City. With a new villain arising what will happen?
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 Keeping it PG

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Keeping it PG Empty
PostSubject: Keeping it PG   Keeping it PG EmptyTue Jul 03, 2012 5:16 pm

I understand many of you are older than 13, and curse regularly. In my opinion, Cursing is anything you're not allowed to say in school.
I cannot list any examples, due to the fact I have set up a filtre system for topics, but you all should get what I'm saying.

Though a few Curses are allowed in the chatbox, I will give you a warning. I just don't want anybody's parents coming and seeing the chatbox full of the H word, D word, and A word.
If anyone is forced by their parents to leave TFN due to something they saw in the chatbox, this will be brought up and soem will be punished.

So basically, If you don't stop after the third warning, I will ban you for an hour.


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Keeping it PG
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