The Four Nations

78 years have passed since Avatar Korra saved Republic City. With a new villain arising what will happen?
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 Republic City Park

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Akia walked in, her brown hair was loose, and had a few curls from the humidity. She was dressed in a suit, that she had gotten from a thrift store. It was pretty cheap, even the fabric, but she only wears this suit once in a while. She sighed, as she walked over to a bench. With one hand she swiped off the dirt that she was going to sat down on. As she cleaned, she let herself wonder what became of her mother. She sat down, as she finished cleaning off the dirt, feeling much better about herself now. She glanced down, her heels feeling somewhat uncomfortable now.
What was going on? She never was this..well..deep into thought, and finding her clothes now uncomfortable. She was really tempted to practice earthbending, but she couldn't do it now! It's totally rude! Well, in her opinion, as she dug into her purse, fetching a compact mirror out, and opening it. She looked into it, and noticed there was a smudge of dirt on her cheek. With one hand, she delicately tried to make it go away, by rubbing it. It was gone, and she gave a relieved sigh. She smiled, which looked quite pleasant on her, her teeth showing, as she shut the small mirror. She then remember that one bottom tooth that was slightly out of line than the others, and she quickly had her lips shut.
She watched the everyday citizens walk through the park for a shortcut, rushing to get to work, or just simply relaxing on the ground. Today, for once, she was able to relax, since she hadn't taken on a double-shift at work, which made her quite feeling..loose..and quite odd. She sighed, yet again, massaging her temples, not even knowing why. It just felt good, as the stress that continously followed her, faded away into the background.
Her azure blue eyes lightened up, as she decided to try and move a small rock, by just tapping her foot. She seen people do it, and it was a bit hard to master, without making different hand movements. She tapped her foot, her eyes trained on a little rock that was lying in front of her, on a path. It didn't move. She frowned, as she tore her gaze away from it, and saw a boulder about five feet away from it's original place. Her mouth became a 'o', as she realized this was her fault, as she spied a pit of dirt, and all different type of bugs crawling,fleeing from the sudden sunlight shining onto them.
"Oops," She said, stupidly.
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Republic City Park
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