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78 years have passed since Avatar Korra saved Republic City. With a new villain arising what will happen?
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 Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ]

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PostSubject: Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ]   Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ] EmptySat Jul 28, 2012 1:18 am

Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ] 30t30aa
Kuzon, Waterbender

Kuzon sat silently, beside the creek that ran right through Republic City Park. It was a shallow creek, trickling as the water rolled over the stones, making slight splashes every time. Just a few metres ahead, it joined the sea in the Harbour. Looking out, he saw the monolithic state of Avatar Aang, staring at the greatest mark of his existence, the towering buildings of Republic City. To his back, the sun was setting, slowly descending to the other side of the Earth.

Bored, Kuzon turned to the luscious shrub behind him. He focussed on the leaves, and sensed the water pulsing within. Like he would with water in a pond, he bended it, willing it to grow larger, until it gently touched his outstretched hand. A thin smile stretched across Kuzon's face. He was getting better. He was no longer limited to making the plantlife temporarily flare up, their leaves opening further, before going back as if nothing had touched them.

Kuzon frowned, as he tried it on another, larger branch. The plant seemed... sleepy. In the vast swamp he had originally learnt this unique ability from, the plants were alive. They were connected. Here, they just seemed sick. Perhaps it was the pollution here. Kuzon himself would never get used to it. He came from the vast South Pole, an endless expanse of blinding snow. This was a huge metropolis, where the buildings touched the sky, and the buildings were squished together so tightly some streets could barely fit three people across.

Still, they were ordinary plants. Kuzon bended a thin spray of water onto the plant, and began to bend the creek into uncontrolled loops. Several quivered, falling. Some did as he wished, moving into perfect arched columns, before splashing into the swift moving creek below.

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PostSubject: Re: Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ]   Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ] EmptySat Jul 28, 2012 6:18 pm

Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ] Tumblr_lq9suwgHxL1qb4763o1_500
Cori Lyn

Cori had been walking the moment she spotted the boy. He looked a bit younger than her,
16, maybe 17. Considering she'd never been as far from the air temple as she was now, she
didn't meet many people. Curiosity took over Cori's senses, causing her to greet him with a
simple "Hello There". "You're A Water bender?" Cori asked the boy, keeping her voice to a
minimum. Unsure of whether she looked presentable, Cori moved her hand nimbly through
her golden hair.

Cori Flashed him a smile, and with the assurance he wasn't normal, she abruptly said "I'm an
Air Bender, My mother's Ikki.
" She studied him. She sat cross-legged on the grass next to him.
"What's your name?" Cori asked.
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PostSubject: Re: Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ]   Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ] EmptySun Jul 29, 2012 3:14 pm

Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ] Tumblr_m1ilajT3MU1r9c0wt
Blaze, Firebender

Twisting her long brown hair around her fingers, Blaze walks through the park. The young firebender, was dressed in a pair of comfortable training clothing. A pair of loose pants, a loose shirt, and a pair of slippers. She quietly moves over the Earth, heading the smalll patch of land, hidden from the view of most parts of the park. This patch of land, had come to be Blaze's favorite training spot. Here she could practice without having people watch her. Of course people did manage to find the spot, but atleast it wasn't as bad as practing in front of a large number of other people.

Blaze steps into the clearing, excepting it to be empty. She was wrong however, there happened to be two other people here. A boy and a girl, around her age maybe a bit older or younger. She backs up a bit, and studies the two. The boy looked like he was a bit younger than Blaze, he was dressed it water tribe clothing. A water bender? That could be intresting, she'd have to wait in see. Blaze turns to the girl and studies her. The girl looked like she was older than Blaze, she was also dressed in Air Nomad clothing. An Airbender?

Such an intresting situation, a water bender, an air bender and a fire bender. All the needed now was an earth bender. Blaze steps into the clearing, and walks over to the boy and the girl. As she walks closer she hears the girl ask the boy if he was a water bender. She smile lightly, it seems that her guess was correct. She steps a bit closer, and then stops walking. "I'm Blaze, and you are?"she asks them. Blaze then waits a bit before asking them a question. "I couldn't help but notice how your dressed. Would you both happen to be benders?"she asks them. Both of them had the aura around them, that made them seem like benders, but you could never be sure.

Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ] Ncostume002
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PostSubject: Re: Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ]   Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ] EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 2:38 am

Kuzon watched as his final arch quivered in midair, falling into the clear creek below. He'd just vaguely heard the voice of someone behind him, and spun around, to find a girl with golden blonde hair gently lowering herself to a cross-legged position beside him. He panicked silently, wondering what she had said. She was asking his name. "What? Oh -- erm, my name is Kuzon. I'm from the Southern Water Tribe... what's your name?" he said, regaining himself.

Subconsciously, he bended up a small wall of grass, only maybe an inch high. His stranger defences. He'd been told that people in the city weren't always nice -- that was one of the reasons he chose this spot. Supposedly, people here were rude, violent, unforgiving, and all-round mean people... at least, that was what he had been told. But were they? This girl didn't seem too bad. She seemed like a reasonably calm person. And what was that she said? Something about being an air bender? They were nice. Or something. Kuzon examined the girl, hoping to get a better view on this. Silently.

The crunching of leaves caused Kuzon, again, to spin around. It was another girl, dressed in... what? Fire Nation attire? Maybe. Heh, maybe she was a firebender. That'd make three benders, all in the same clearing. Interesting. Having regained all understanding of what was happening, he replied cheerily to her question, "Hi! I'm Kuzon. Nice to meet you!"

It was a cheesy, and standard response, but hey. It worked. "I'm a waterbender... and a plantbender, more recently."
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Footsteps in the Park [ ML, Stevie ]
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