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78 years have passed since Avatar Korra saved Republic City. With a new villain arising what will happen?
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 The Adventures of Avatar Kudo. Book 1, Chapter 1: Waterbending Trials

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PostSubject: The Adventures of Avatar Kudo. Book 1, Chapter 1: Waterbending Trials   Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:51 pm

“Kudo! You can’t be so heavy on your feet! Waterbending is a gentle, fluid element!” Master Tamma scolded. Kudo let out an exasperated groan. His movements were choppy and strong, and he barely made a ripple in the water. With a frustrated sigh, Kudo sent his heel into the ground and kicked up a seat for himself. He plopped down and put his head in his hands. “I’m never gonna get this… I’m gonna fail and Raja is gonna win and we’ll all DIE!” he exclaimed, throwing his hands up in exasperation. His airbending companion saw his frustrations and she sighed. “Aw, come on, Kudo. You can do it!” she said, pumping her delicate fist into the air. Her hair was curly, brown hair that was tied back in a messy bun. She wore the usual Air Nomad attire, but she changed it up a bit so her outfit was a skirt instead of baggy pants. Kudo looked up at his friend. “I dunno, Mina… At this rate I don’t think I’ll ever be able to master all of the elements. And Raja just keeps getting stronger! With her-her…fancy words and army of people and GAH!” Kudo was interrupted by a pebble hitting him in the temple. He turned to his cousin, an earthbender like himself. Kudo rubbing his temple and stuck out his lower lip in an angry pout. “What was that for?!” he demanded. Relon crossed his muscular arms and narrowed his eyes. “For being mopey. You really think that’s going to help?” he pointed out, raising a thick eyebrow. His hair was cropped short in a curly mass at the top of his head. His eyes were an intense shade of hazel-brown. His face was stern, with a strong chin and square jawline. Kudo, despite being related to Relon, looked nothing like him. His hair was shaggy and light brown in color. It curled at the ends, sometimes getting in his face. His mother always told him to cut it, but he ignored her. His eyes were a rich honey brown. He had a round face, soft jaw-line, and, if it weren’t for his muscles, would look much younger than he actually was. Kudo turned to the side to see Mina flit over to Relon. She was light on her feet, barely making a sound. She hooked her arm in his and flashed Kudo a friendly smile. The Avatar couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. “Rel is right, Kudo! Don’t let it get ya down! Cheer up, buttercup!” she exclaimed with an excited squeal.

Master Tamma, who was observing the scenario the entire time, cleared her throat. “Kudo, why don’t we get back to training?” she suggested with a warm smile. Tamma’s skin was mocha brown, and her eyes were silvery blue. Kudo looked up at the waterbender with a sigh. The pressure of the world was resting on his shoulders, and time was ticking away. While Kudo had earthbending, and metalbending, down flat, he was having issues with the other elements. He’d been on his journey for a few months now, picking up the orphan Mina on the way, and he hadn’t made much progress. Raja, however, was growing more and more powerful. As time ticked on, Kudo’s hope that he would be able to save the world slipped away. Kudo, heaving a sigh, pushed himself to his feet. “Alright,” he paused and raised his hands up in front of him, “Let’s do this.”
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The Adventures of Avatar Kudo. Book 1, Chapter 1: Waterbending Trials
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